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The Anatomy of a Photography Website

The anatomy of a photography website —

You’re ready to build a website for your photography business but what exactly should your site cover?

The main purpose of a photography website is to highlight your work and provide your dream clients with all the necessary information. With the website, you’ll wanna give a clear overview of everything that you offer, who you do it for, and your location.

Having a professional, strategically built website adds credibility and helps market your services to increase client inquiries.

I recommend Showit for photography websites. It’s an incredibly user-friendly platform that allows you to create websites with a drag-and-drop interface. Explore my Showit website templates created for photographers.

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Your homepage communicates the nature of your business and encourages visitors to dive deeper into the rest of the site.


  • hero (what you do, for who & where)
  • intro (briefly about your approach)
  • about (briefly introduce yourself)
  • your services (weddings, couples, family,..)
  • galleries/portfolio
  • testimonials
  • booking CTA
  • menu bar & footer
Chiara – Showit Website Template for Wedding photographers.


A chance to get personal and build a connection with your potential clients. Share your story, values, all the little things that make you, you!


  • hero
  • briefly about you and your story
  • booking CTA
  • menu bar & footer


  • your values
  • travel dates (here or on the Information page)
  • featured in
  • what inspires you
Jade – Showit Website Template for Boudoir Photographers


The purpose of this page is to sell your services. Break down your packages and processes, to make it clear what it’s like working with you and what’s the investment.


  • hero
  • navigation (good for longer pages)
  • your approach
  • packages and pricing (+ who it’s for)
  • process
  • FAQ
  • testimonials
  • booking CTA
  • menu bar & footer

Should you have a separate pricing page?

Not necessarily. You can give all the pricing information on the Information page. If you really have a lot of information to share and don’t want to overwhelm your potential client, having a separate Pricing page is a good idea.

Another option is to add an email sign-up form on the Information page to automatically give access to a PDF Pricing Guide.

You should still keep starting prices on the Information page.

Ella – Showit Website Template for Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers


Highlight your best pieces from each type of package you offer (e.g. weddings, engagements, family). This gives a great overview of your work.


  • hero
  • categories
  • galleries
  • booking CTA
  • menu bar and footer
Custom Showit website for wedding photographer Allison Taylor.


Having a blog is a great way to share individual photoshoots but also to share helpful tips and resources to educate and nurture your community. It’s also great for SEO.

Sections: Blog Home

  • hero
  • categories + search bar
  • posts layout
  • newer/older posts bar
  • menu bar & footer

Sections: Single Post

  • featured image
  • title + category
  • post content
  • next/previous post

Do you need both blog and portfolio pages?

Portfolio/Gallery – share your favorite pieces
Blog – share individual shoots and educate

You can absolutely just use your blog as your portfolio!

Gallery pages are a great way to give an overview of your work whereas with your blog you can dive deeper and share more about the shoots + it’s great for SEO.

The blog is also a great way to share tips and resources that would be helpful for your clients and other photographers.

e.g. “Tips on planning your elopement in Mexico”, “Outfit ideas for couples photoshoots”

Semi-Custom Showit website for destination wedding photographer Monique Ivette.


Time to book your dream clients! This page is very simple and straightforward to make the booking process seamless.

Sections: Blog Home

  • hero (location, business hours & when they can expect a response)
  • native Showit form / integrated contact form (HoneyBook, Dubsado, …)

Custom Showit Website for Hawaii wedding and elopement photographer Valory Evalyn.

Sounds overwhelming?

Soulkynd Showit Templates are built with all the essentials for photographers – all you have to do is replace the template’s content with your own!

Launch your website with confidence, knowing that it’s strategically built and has all the info your dream clients are looking for ♡

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