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Branding and Semi-Custom Showit Website for wedding photographer Monique Ivette


Monique Ivette is a destination intimate wedding photographer, based in California and shooting weddings worldwide.


Semi-Custom Showit Website / visit the website

Brand Identity Design

→ We used my Showit website template Chiara to create her website and created a fully custom branding.

Showit Website Goal:

Monique wanted a cohesive online presence and a modern clean website that would highlight her photography work and book more destination weddings.

My favorite sections on the Monique Ivette website

  • The process section on the Experience page and the travel dates section on the About page. Adding these custom sections really made the template unique to her and transformed the website.
  • The playlist section on the About page adds a personal touch and creates a connection with her ideal clients.

Visit Monique’s full Showit website here.

Why did you choose Soulkynd?

I loved Laura’s aesthetics and modern touch to her templates.

Was working with me on a custom design the right decision for your business? Why?

Yes, you got me and my vision.

How did you feel about the finished product of your custom design project?

I absolutely love it no complaints.

Was there anything that especially stood out to you from working with me? Was there anything that really impressed you?

I loved how custom you got with the designs on my page.

Were there moments during working with me when you felt stressed, overwhelmed, or confused?

I did not feel like this at all. Super organized which I needed in my life.

Is there anything you think was missing or could be improved in the custom design process/client experience?

Nope- You were amazing & actually listened to my needs.

Laura is such an amazing soul. I am so happy with my end product. I was absolutely stuck before her. I was not happy with the previous template that I had (from another company) . So once I came across her Instagram it for sure stopped me in my foot steps. Her minimalistic style and modern touches were what I was looking for. She made my template to represent me and my new brand & I am in love. So good working with you.