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Digital devices decluttering

laptop on a table

Hey, I see you and your sparkly clean home offices but what about all those digital devices? *crickets*

Organizing the clutter on our devices hardly ever reaches top priority status but every once in a while it should. I recommend devoting a week to each device and checking something off every day. Sounds doable right?


  • delete photos and videos you don’t need
  • sort photos and videos into albums
  • uninstall unused apps
  • delete unnecessary text messages
  • remove old contacts
  • backup your files
  • organize your notes app
  • turn off notifications you don’t need


  • delete unwanted files
  • organize files on external hard drive
  • organize downloads folder files
  • delete files from recycle bin
  • organize web browser’s bookmarks
  • uninstall programs you don’t use


  • go over Facebook friends list
  • leave Facebook groups
  • unfollow Instagram accounts
  • remove Instagram followers (inactive and bots)
  • unsubscribe from email lists
  • organize Pinterest boards
  • organize Google Workspace documents
  • Dubsado/Asana/Notion/… boards
  • Spotify playlists
  • YouTube subscriptions
  • unsub from unused subscriptions and memberships