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Custom Showit Website and Branding for wedding photographer Allison Taylor


Allison Taylor is a travel wedding photographer, based in Kansas City and Southern California and capturing weddings worldwide. She captures weddings for the intentional & modern bride and adventure-loving couples.


Custom Showit Website / visit the website

Brand Identity

Pricing Guides redesign

Custom Showit Website Goal:

Allison wanted a cohesive online presence and a professional website that would highlight her photography work and book more weddings.

My favorite sections on the custom Allison Taylor website

Allison’s website feels really welcoming and personal, perfect to attract her ideal clients – adventure-loving couples!

  • The featured love stories section on the homepage. The flashing galleries give a perfect overview of Allison’s packages and photography style.
  • The national park cards on her about page. Allison wanted to shoot more weddings at national parks and attract more adventure-loving couples. Adding these cards show her playful and fun nature and also appeal to her ideal clients. Under the section we added her travel dates and bucketlist, to further expand on it. We also added a photo slide of photos from her life to show her clients what she’s like as a person and to build more authentic connections.
  • The FAQ section on her Info page. We added a fun way with the custom illustrated button to go through the questions and added in a photo for each answer to highlight more of her work.

Visit Allison’s full Showit website here.

Why did you choose SoulKynd?

I choose Soulkynd because I was OBSESSED with the websites Laura had designed and after chatting with her via zoom I was confident she could ADD to my vision and make it come to life!

Was working with me on a custom design the right decision for your business? Why?

YES. It was worth every. single. penny. I don’t know much about web design or building a site and Laura anticipated what I would want and added things I didn’t know I would need.

How did you feel about the finished product of your custom design project?

OBSESSED. I go to look at it for fun instead of Tiktok I am so in love with it.

Did you enjoy the process? What was your favorite part?

Yes, I didn’t want it to end! My favorite part was getting to see my vision come to life and then seeing it be 10 times better than I imagined because laura added to it.

Was there anything that especially stood out to you from working with me? Was there anything that really impressed you?

In every phase of the design process, you always seemed to add the missing puzzle piece. I was so impressed with your willingness to add/adjust/tweak alllll of my ideas along the way! You are also freaky fast!!

Where there moments during working with me when you felt stressed, overwhelmed, or confused?

I think the only thing that stressed me out was getting you what you needed in a timely manner because i’m too busy LOL. Not because I felt pressure from you but because I wanted to be a good client hahah

Is there anything you think was missing or could be improved in the custom design process/client experience?

I know this isn’t always helpful but I hope it encourages you – literally nothing. you killed it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

You’re just amazing! I have gotten sooooooo so so so many compliments from people about my new site!!

“Let me just start by saying if you don’t hire SoulKynd for all of your web + brand design needs, you’re doing it wrong. As a designer Laura is BEYOND talented and as a human she is so gracious and kind. Laura’s communication skills are incredible and I was never left in the dark. It truly pushed me to be better with communication in my own business. In every phase of the design process she always seemed to add the missing puzzle piece. She is also SO fast. The love I have from about my new website is overwhelming and it wouldn’t have been possible without her! (no really, I tried on my own before I found her and it took MONTHS for me to do things laura can do in minutes.) As a business owner, investments can be scary but I promise this is an investment that is worth every. single. penny. I will be hiring Laura and Laura ONLY from here on out!”